I provide babies in all price ranges.


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We have babies from 110, right up to 300+ for limited edition kits, some are made to order, some ready to dispatch.

email: info@nubornz-nursery.co.uk


Skin tones created with Miracle Blend air dry paints. Gently reborned with blushing, shading, veining and delicately painted hair. Fingers and toenails are tipped and sealed with varnish. A doe suede fully jointed body is used so baby is easy to pose. Filled with soft fibrefill for the a lovely cuddle factor. Weighed to feel like a real baby. Limbs filled with fine glass beads and topped with fibrefill before sealing. Lips realistically tinted and glossed.


Reborn dolls are meant for adult collectors and are not suitable for children under 14 due to the fillings and small parts.

I will not be help responsible for damage or injury if given to a child.